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Katherine Heigl Loves Getting Wet And Wild

Monday, July 7th, 2008

It looks like Katherine Heigl really gets wet whenever she’s feeling naughty, and these pictures prove it!  She’s got a real affinity for water whenever she feels like getting naked, it seems.  Maybe that’s because it’s easier to cover up the fact that she’s getting really moist between her legs?  With a face as pretty as that, her sultry looks aren’t just for show, they’re a reflection of how she’s really feeling.  She’s already looking so sexy that she doesn’t need to fake that desire showing on her face, which means she really wants it when she’s naked and drenched with water, and she wants it bad.  Whether it’s in the pool or in the shower, or in the tub, Katherine Heigl is so hot I’m surprised the water isn’t boiling…

And if you want more of Katherine Heigl’s steamy naked pics, then you’ve got to click on that link to see what’s in store for you!